Wayne Moore – Mar 17, 2023 – Castanet

Kelowna councillor Loyal Wooldridge is raising concerns over safety within the North Clifton area.

He briefly brought the subject up at the conclusion of Monday’s city council meeting with the intention of bringing forth a resolution at an upcoming meeting.

A draft resolution on the agenda next Monday asks for support of his council colleagues to ask staff to bring back a report on planned transportation capital improvements for the North Clifton area as well as applicable timelines to enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Wooldridge brought up the issue after recently meeting with residents of the area who shared with him their concerns over safety with more development planned for the area.

In his resolution before council, Wooldridge reminded council the Clifton Highlands has experienced growth with the build out of many neighbourhoods. It is also an area that attracts people from around the city to its numerous recreational areas.

“Currently there are approximately 200 private driveways with direct access to Clifton Road as well as connection roads to the neighbourhoods of Wilden and Clifton Estates,” Wooldridge says.

“In addition, there are lands that are currently undeveloped that will likely realize full build out of single unit homes in the coming years.”

A search of the city’s development website shows more than half a dozen application in stream within the Clifton Road area.

“The area lacks sidewalks, crosswalks, active transportation routes and controlled intersection that continue to pose risk to pedestrians and cyclists,” added Wooldridge.

“As the neighbourhoods of the North Clifton area realize full build out potential, residents are seeking clarity on anticipated capital improvements to improve safety due to the increased activity.”