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A Vision for Kelowna

Kelowna is a great city, I believe that by encouraging community leaders, residents, and the business community, we can make it even better by tackling some of the challenges we face together.

Below you’ll find the 4 guiding pillars that will be at the core of my decision making if elected to serve the residents of Kelowna.

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Guiding Pillar #1

Housing Affordability and Availability

Kelowna is a fantastic place to live, and  it would seem that many other people agree, which is why Kelowna is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Unfortunately, skyrocketing housing prices and extremely low vacancy rates are putting new financial pressures on the residents of Kelowna.

If elected to Kelowna’s city council, a main guiding pillar of my tenure will be to ensure we’re working towards adding more mixed use affordable housing to fill in the “missing middle”.

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Guiding Pillar #2

Transportation Revolution

The population growth of Kelowna over the last decade has led to a few challenges, one of which is the pressure the increase in population has put on our transportation infrastructure. On city council, I will always push for infrastructure projects that improve transportation for all modes – whether you drive, bike, walk or take transit.

Kelowna needs solutions that will handle future growth. That means looking at the infrastructure improvements of tomorrow to move cars around the city efficiently, and building a public transportation system that serves all neighbourhoods with efficiency and regularity.

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Guiding Pillar #3

Tourism and Jobs

A vibrant community is built on a strong economy that we can all share in. As a local business owner, I know Kelowna offers some unique opportunities and challenges. On city council, I will work tirelessly to enhance the job opportunities available in our growth sectors, including technology, breweries and spirits, wineries, hospitality and trades.

Our wineries and tourism industry are a big part of Kelowna. We need to support and enhance these industries so they can be as successful as possible. When our economy does well, we all do well.

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Guiding Pillar #4

Complete Community

Kelowna needs to be a complete community that supports all of our residents. Housing, transportation and economic improvements will all go a long way to helping us take major steps forward in this area, but we need to ensure the most vulnerable residents in our community are taken care of.

From mental health issues and providing for our seniors, to the safety of downtown and finding housing for everyone, a complete community is a strong community that provides for everyone. We’re stronger together, and I invite you to Encourage Kelowna with me.

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