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Kelowna Hot Button Issue: Homelessness

Residents of Kelowna are frustrated with the current state of our homeless challenge in the city. Many have expressed to me how this crisis is negatively affecting their lives either personally and professionally. Most simply want quick, swift action (like enforcement...

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Kelowna Hot Button Issue: Housing

The 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) is how we can best navigate and control the challenges we are faced with: Housing Attainability, Transportation and rising Capital Costs. When we create Complete Communities (where you can live, work and play in one area) we...

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Cornerstone…a stepping stone of homelessness

Recently, I was invited for a tour of Cornerstone, the Leon Avenue emergency shelter that BC Housing first opened in November 2017 and is operated by The John Howard Society. The shelter has received a significant amount of media attention since opening as well as...

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Kelowna’s Journey to End Homelessness

Photo credit: City of Kelowna. Throughout our community there has been an urgent outcry for our homelessness challenge to be addressed - it’s been said that it appears to be getting worse, not better. The truth is our homeless population still does not have the...

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