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Loyal Wooldridge is working hard as your representative on Kelowna City Council. Find the latest updates here.

Housing with Supports: The missing pieces

I hear you.  I am listening. After conversations with scared parents concerned for their kids, frustrated business owners worried about livelihoods, addicts struggling with pain, trauma and rejection, and a social sector attempting desperately to meet expectations...

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Pride & Reconciliation: Why we celebrate inclusion

A common question asked as Pride celebrations world wide commence, is 'if you want inclusion, why make yourself different?' What many don't realize is the dark past that many LGBT2Q+ people have faced in their lives. It's not about flying a flag.  It's not about the...

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Loyal Wooldridge – AM1150 interview

If you missed my interview with Phil Johnson and want to know more about me and what I will accomplish on Kelowna City Council, click below and have a listen. I look forward to your vote on October 20th!   https://youtu.be/XZsUMdEY3iE    ...

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Diversity, not just what you can see.

When you hear the word ‘diversity’ where does your mind go? More often than not we are drawn to think of marginalized people, skin colour, minority groups or those that visually appear ‘different’. Really, the word itself has a broader meaning - diversity is...

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Kelowna Hot Button Issue: Transportation

Anyone who drives during peak commuting hours can attest that our road infrastructure is under strain. With single-family homes being built in sprawling neighbourhoods and an increase in population - congestion as at an all-time high. Psychology studies have shown us...

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Kelowna Hot Button Issue: Homelessness

Residents of Kelowna are frustrated with the current state of our homeless challenge in the city. Many have expressed to me how this crisis is negatively affecting their lives either personally and professionally. Most simply want quick, swift action (like enforcement...

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